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Gayatri Deshpande

Né(e) en: 1980


  • Diploma in Fine Arts-1995, A.M.-2012.
  • Work: Artist, Founder -Gaya3 Art Workshops Retreat.


Awards and Participation

  • Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya annual exhibitions.
  • V. V. Oak , Pune
  • Mahakoshal Kala Parishad –award,1992
  • Vijay Fine Art Society, Gadag –prize,1991
  • Hyderabad Art Society –certificate,1993
  • Women’s day show- Sun and Sand, Pune
  • Nag foundation show at Empress garden , Pune
  • Bombay Art Society,Mumbai




  • Perceptions, Kian art gallery, Pune, 2020
  • The Art route online show, 2020
  • Index, Mumbai, 2018
  • Group show at Art2Day, Pune,2018
  • Group show at Taj, Bangalore,2018
  • Group show, Mask project, Monalisa Kalagram,Pune, 2017
  • Group show Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore, 2017
  • Solo show at PNG Art Gallery, 2015
  • Group show for charity for Anandwan, Vashi, Mumbai,2015
  • Group show by Venus Traders, Darpan Art Gallery, Pune 2015
  • Group show ARKA, Monalisa kalagram, Pune 2015
  • Group show at the Letartwork art gallery, Pune, 2014
  • Group show at the Ayatana Art Gallery, Pune, 2013
  • Group show at the Renaissance Art Gallery,Pune, 2012.
  • Group Show at the Tilting Art Gallery,Pune, March 2012.
  • Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2011
  • Different Strokes’ in Pune, 1996

Artist Statement: -


‘A walk in the woods’ is a humble attempt to depict what I feel whenever I spend time in nature. I come back with a new experience every time. The ever-changing woods continue to teach me a lot about life. The experience is so overwhelming that I feel compelled to share with the world what it means to me and how important the woods are to us as mankind. 

My paintings are just a medium of expression to reach out to you and my palette knife has helped me create this abstract experience. It has been a deeply introspective journey and I hope my work strikes the right chord within people. In the woods is where I feel most alive. They say, once you take a walk in the woods, you come out taller than the trees.


Come join me and experience it! 

2 000,00 €

A Walk in the Woods 4

Peinture - Huile


3 500,00 €

A Walk in the Woods 3

Peinture - Huile


1 600,00 €

A Walk in the Woods 2

Peinture - Huile


1 000,00 €

A Walk in the Woods 1

Peinture - Huile


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