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Ramchandra Kharatmal

Pune, India

Né(e) en: 1977

A.T.D., GD Art (Painting), Dip.A.Ed, M.F.A.(Painting)


Ramachandra Kharatmal (1977) a Pune based realist painter has come a long way in his journey in the sensitive creative pursuit. Basically belonging to Solapur, Ramachandra has now dedicated himself to Art in a full-fledged way and is a freelancing artist. Ramachandra basically is a realist of immense ability to represent forms and shapes in all their glories when viewed against a fixed source of light. His colours are rich and abundant. He expresses his ironies with the contrasts and juxtaposition of colours and images. He has unbelievable control over the contours of the human form. He has this ability to express subtle messages through the image of a mere pair of old hands. The brevity of his imagery is his forte but the same is camouflaged by the richness of his colours. The warmth of the touch that elaborates tender illusion and intermingled the colours along with the past memories are the features of an orthodox quilt. Entangled state of mind with golden memories of the past, blossoming shapes, rhythmic figures and resplendent and splendid interwoven of colours, denoting the past are the other features of a quilt. Ramchandra beautifully blossoms this quilt in the contemporary world of colours and makes it perpetual on the canvas with the same warmth and past memories. When we look at his paintings, they influence us eternally.



2016 – Pandit Satvalekar Purskar, Pandit Satavlekar Pratishtan, Pune.

2012 – “Kalanidhi” Puraskar, Ravsaheb Guarav Art Foundation, Pune.

2012 – Sant kakaya Rathna Purshkar, Solapur Corporation, Solapur.

2008 – All India Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.2008 – 88th All Indian Drama Gathering & Rampure art akanami, Solapur.

2007 -The Art Society of India 89th Annual Art Exhibition, Mumbai.

2006 - 48TH Indian National Exhibition of Art (LALITKALA AKADAMI) NEW DELHI. (NATIONAL AWARD)

2006 - State Government Art Exhibition, Maharashtra State, Mumbai  (STATE AWARD)

2006 -01 19th All India Art Exhibition, Br. V.V. Oak, Tilak Smarak Trust, Pune.

2005 - 5th Prize - All India Art Exhibition Atur Art Foundation, Pune.

2003 - All India Art Exhibition, Surabhi Kalarant Puraskar, Manav Sansadhan Kendra,  Aurangabad.

1999 - 2nd Prize – State Level Painting Competition, Samaj Kalyan Kendra Satara.

1999 - 1st Prize – Annual Exhibition, Kala Mahavidhyalaya, Satara.


2 400,00 €

Childhood memories

Peinture - Acrylique

Support Fine grain canvas

1 150,00 €

The queen Nefertiti (icon of feminine beauty)

Peinture - Huile

Support  Fine grain canvas

2 050,00 €

Horse of god (memories series)

Peinture - Acrylique

Support Fine grain canvas

1 850,00 €

Rook (memories series)

Peinture - Acrylique

Support : Fine grain canvas

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